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Gathering Edition - 27 FQ Bundle

A group of solid fabrics catered to modern quilting! Ranging in a gradient of color, our Pure Solids bundles are a great go-to for any quilter. These groups can work together on their own to make a modern statement or can be blended with our other collections as well. 27 NEWEST COLORS!

GATHERING Edition includes:
PE558 Bougainvillea
PE535 Rock Candy
PE559 Cosmos
PE536 Cactus Flower
PE561 Hibiscus
PE537 Undeniably Red
PE560 Sedona
PE538 Autumnal
PE539 Marmalade
PE553 Pineapple
PE554 Parrot
PE542 Asparagus
PE555 Meditation
PE543 Fresh Aloe
PE541 Sprout
PE544 Rosemary
PE556 Balsam Fir
PE545 Morning Frost
PE557 Slate
PE550 Lava Rock
PE548 Galactic Grey
PE547 Nebula
PE546 Vaporous
PE549 Mushroom
PE540 Coconut Milk
PE552 Pampas
PE551 Teak

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