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Cheers! We are so glad you're here!

The Handcraft Happy Hours

Handcraft Happy Hour Logo

The party starts here! Unless you are the fuzz then this is the Ladies Temperance Meeting...

Get down and dirty with other creatives! Pour a drink and learn a new craft or just make something new to add to your collection. Interested in teaching others? Reach out to us and give us your details! Is there something you are interested in learning and you don't see it listed? Let us know - we are always open to new ideas!

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A Wee Tipple About Us

Every hour should be a Happy Hour! Make the most of your time and knock the socks off your friends + family! Shop our curated bundles of fabric, seek out beautifully designed supplies for your next creative project, join a workshop to learn something new. Find your people. Create a life well-curated.

Handcraft Happy Hour Logo