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Create + Craft + Coffee + Cocktails

What is your Happy Hour?

Creating a perfect fitting garment?

Stitching a snarky embroidery piece for your best friend?

Making a quilt for your adorable new nephew?

Or, maybe, a paint-by-number party with snacks and mocktails and your best girlfriends!

We all have stories of our first makes and creative messes. We all have images of what our happiest hours should look like! So, whether we are the first stop in your first creative mess or you are a well-seasoned crafter extraordinaire, we are glad you found us and we can't wait to get to know you!

What are you going to make during your own Handcraft Happy Hour?

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Handcraft Happy Hours images of drinks and friends

Why limit happy to an hour?

Just like mixing the perfect cocktail, you need the right ingredients to make your happy hour a success! Mocktails or cocktails and a snack, a fun handcraft and the most important ingredient - you!

A Wee Tipple About Us

Every hour should be a Happy Hour! Shop our curated bundles of fabric, seek out beautifully designed supplies for your next creative project, join a workshop to learn something new. Find your people. Unleash your creative spirit.

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